We offer both internal and external painting and decorating services, including wallpapering. You can leave the entire job to us - we will carefully move furniture when required, and ensure that ample dust covers are used to protect your home. Surfaces are carefully prepared and we use the best materials to ensure a long-lasting job.

Painting and Decorating


Quite often, carpentry work is required alongside decorating, such as replacing window timbers or boxing in pipework. You won’t have  to employ a separate contractor for this. R. E. Walsh offer skilled carpentry services covering both internal and external works.


Our services cover a wide range of repair work in and around your home. Making good walls, tiling, replacing woodwork, and general repairs around the house are all part of our service. If in doubt, call us - we try to offer you a one-stop service so you only have to deal with one contractor.


As well as residential services, we also carry out small commercial contracts. All our services - carpentry, repairs, painting and decorating - are provided to shop owners, offices and other commercial premises. We are equally happy to work directly for the business owner, property manager, or as a sub-contractor.


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